Trust Self to Allow Flow of Energy to Manifest

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Trust Self to Allow Flow of Energy to Manifest

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Many times you may place a probability in motion, and you may alter the manifestation of that probability by not allowing the free flow of the energy. Therefore, you may hold a thought process of an objective want that you wish to be creating and manifesting within your focus. Within the moment of your recognition of that want, you have already set into motion a probability to actualize that want. The manifestation will happen if you allow the free flow of energy or things to go their own way and just detach.

You may also alter the actualization of that probability through your lack of trust and acceptance within yourself and your pushing of energy, which redirects the flow of energy, and you may not in actuality manifest that want, for in your lack of patience, you have created an alteration of the direction of energy. Therefore patience is an important factor of getting what you want. But patience itself is often misunderstood, because its essence is being centered. When you are centered, you’re not deviating.

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