Clarity and Control of Perception

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Clarity and Control of Perception

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Why do we misperceive signals in communication?

In communication, there are many signals being conveyed. To get the whole picture, we need to perceive all the vital ones. But sometimes we notice only some and not others because of our perceptive filters. We are originally able to perceive all vital data in communication naturally, but because of wrong beliefs and mindsets, we become distorted in our perception.

That is why we have to learn in order to clear wrong beliefs and mindsets so that we can perceive properly again. Clarity of perception is in seeing what is.

We attract into our awareness according to what we are expecting. When we expect another person to dislike us, we will only notice signals that can be interpreted as dislike towards us that the person is conveying. We would not be aware of signals of the person liking us even if it is right before our eyes. Our mindset causes us to ignore them and focus only on the signals that matches what we believe.

The Tao says “Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations. Free from desire, you understand the mystery”. That means when you have expectations about how something should look like instead of seeing what it really is, your perception of that thing will be distorted by your constrained point of view.

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