Resolving All Relationship Problems From Within

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Resolving All Relationship Problems From Within

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

When you resolve the issue within, you do not have to resolve it on the world without. There are no problems outside because you do not create any within. There are no enemies outside because you do not create any within. The key to solving all relationship problems is to solve them within yourself. There is no other because there’s only you. The appearance of the other is simply a reflection of yourself. In the mirror of relationships, we get to experience ourselves. Changing within causes a change without.

All problems with others are problems within yourself. Your relationship with others is your relationship with yourself. You create harmony or disharmony with others as far as you create harmony or disharmony with your thoughts and feelings. You are only affected by others faults to the extent that you lack the intrinsic qualities to handle those faults. The problems that we experience with others are opportunities for us to develop our own power in handling them. We resolve the problem outside from within.

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