Groups are Meant to Support Individual Genius

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Groups are Meant to Support Individual Genius

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Ants are quite simple and stupid, but their intelligence and complexity grows with the number of interactions between them. The more ant interaction there is, the more sophisticated behavior is resulted. It’s similar to flocking behavior where birds follow very simple rules but complex behavior emerges. But when it comes to humans, the opposite happens. More interactions equals dumber behavior. Understanding the difference between humans and animals in group psychology enables us to be intelligent.

When we come together and interact as a group seeking consensus, we lose sophistication and intelligence. Ants get smarter while we get dumber. It is because humans are of a different level of species than animals. Humans possess individuality and conscious awareness. Animals do not have that. Animals are meant to follow a certain set pattern they have been programmed with. Humans are meant to express individuality of thinking and to evolve mentally. But individuality is distorted in group situations.

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