Law of Attraction and Law of Inspired Action

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Law of Attraction and Law of Inspired Action

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The law of attraction should be used in harmony with the law of inspired action. The law of inspired action is also known as the Law of God Action.

The law of Inspired Action is the Tao. It is the way of nondoing. Less and less is done until when nothing is done, nothing is left undone. It means to take only inspired action. There may be several actions that you think you could take, but one of them is what you are most drawn to. There is a “feel like” doing to it. You feel least resistance towards doing it. That is the action to take because you are most in alignment with. When you do inspired action, the energy flow is there and therefore it is not unnatural but natural action.

Focus on creating reality from the higher levels. Seek inspired reality creating and to master creating with effortlessness. Learn to create with less effort, less strain, less stress and to create with more flow, more ease and more relaxation. When you create more effortlessly, things can gel together more easily in framework 2 or nonphysical reality. Creativity and inspiration flows much better. You can accomplish more things because you have more energy and mood to do things. You offer less resistance to outcomes. You can focus and imagine better. You have more mana or mental energy. You are able to maintain vibrational alignment more easily and more often. The idea is to be able to care less, relax more, enjoy more, maintain belief in yourself, focus on clear action that combines logic and intuition.

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