Speed Reading the Natural way

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Speed Reading the Natural way

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Super Reading which is speed reading the natural way, is the one true way that helps you to read faster than ever before. In the past it may have been difficult for you to speed read, because there was still a lot you did not know about in this world and you also had not yet discovered the Integrative Mindset to work with new information you encounter.
Through growing up, you’ve learned a lot of things that enable you to understand further information you come across. You have a whole background of knowledge you could use to access new knowledge. It is all about making connections, the faster you can integrate what is new what with what you already know, the faster you can read.
The most crucial thing is that it is not the amount of knowledge you have, but it is about attaining the mindset that all these knowledge is related to one another in an inseparable and unified way. And to use this Integrative Mindset to handle all knowledge whether past, present or future.
The other crucial understanding is that all things have their most simplified and concise state. Which means there is an essence that you can look for in every piece of information. Every piece of information contains a core. The core is what every other part of that information is attached to.

The key to super reading is the schema, which is the background knowledge that you have in your head that relates the material that you are reading about. The super schema follows the framework of unified and simplified knowledge.

It is knowledge dealing with knowledge. The more you know, the more you are able to know at an even faster rate. The more you have learned, the faster you are able to learn. It is far more easier to build upon what you already know than it is to start learning something completely new.
The truth is, there is nothing completely new ever. No matter what anyone says, everything you presently know can be connected with anything new you encounter. The key is to gain the core knowledge of the mind and reality, and you’ll be able to use that core knowledge to connect with everything else. Have the mindset that all knowledge is unified and therefore can be simplified. To have the integrative mindset is to think as a master.
So with the combined understanding of the integrative and simplified nature of all knowledge, you are able to deal with information as a master. There are some speed reading techniques that still do not work for you, because you find them unnatural. Any true skill that exists, was first developed naturally by doing things in the ordinary way. Over time, that things is done better and better until it becomes extraordinary. It becomes an enhanced version of its former state. Reading turns into super reading.
Doing things the natural way is always the best way because it is effortless and does not undo itself like the unnatural way. You find that you are able to read a lot faster when you do alot of reading. As I read a lot of things that interest you, it absorbs you and you disappear into your reading. You just go right through and come out the other end.
Writing is simply crystallized thought. Thought is like water which flows unceasingly, without form and cannot be grasped fully. Writing pulls thoughts together, gives it structure and presents it to the world in graspable form. It is like crystallizing water by freezing it. It becomes well ordered, structured and observable.
Since writing is crystallized thought, the purpose of reading is to derive the key thoughts. So you do not have to read every single word.

You just need to sift through with the intention of looking for essence. Believe the subconscious mind is capturing everything else that goes through your eyes. Super reading is intention based reading. Everything you do is based on intention. When you act with awareness of your intentions, your actions will be powerful. Often, your reading will require an awareness of only key information.

You don’t need to read all of what you do read. Be Choosy.

The psychology of super reading is “If we do not open our eyes, we will not see”. To super read, we must be an open vessel. We must be a sponge ready to soak up information. The great inhibitor is your own thoughts. Worry, doubt, fear, expectation and distraction causes your mind to become cluttered and blocked. This weakens its receptive faculties.

The more mind power you use to think, the less you will have to take in new information. You then have a closed vessel. This is not to say we should not think. There are two separate mental processes that we use to operate with. One is thought and analysis, the other is gathering data. We should use both processes well in the right manner at the right time. When we are super reading, we should be in gathering data mode

When a person is super reading, he might make some mistakes but he wouldn’t be bothered by them. Good super readers won’t waste a second of valuable thought time on mistakes. Instead they’re off zooming ahead to soak up more information. This is the whole secret for putting you into the mental state of super reading. You put yourself into gathering data mode but you can choose to switch into thought and analysis whenever you want to. 

Before you go into speed reading of anything, have the belief that what you are reading is easy to read, and that you can read it fast and finish it in a shorter period of time. Then let your reading flow from word to word, line to line, page to page, sometimes skipping sometimes flowing, all following your intentions for reading. And stopping when appropriate to rest or think.
1. Realize that what you’re about to read is related to what you already know.
2. Get into the flow state of mind for your reading.
3. Have the intention of looking for essence as you read.
4. Flow through your reading like the information is already yours.
5. After reading, walk around and think back about the key portions that you’ve read. 
The great secret of speed reading is concentration and organization. Speed reading is a state of mind where your attention is so well absorbed in the content that you are able to flow through. The concentration is a quieting of the mind and shutting off from all distracting useless mental activity so that there is full power directed in your reading. When your thoughts and the writings you read are well organized, you are able to concentrate and process information better and faster. 

Proper concentration is a state of mental quiet, where there is peace of mind. Where there is harmony between the conscious and subconscious mind. The concentration is partly conscious and partly subconscious. It is not a constricted concentration but a relaxed and free one. There is a balance between tension and relaxation.
Concentration is simply sustained focus. You can concentrate better when your psychic energy is freed up for the task at hand. That means your mind is fresh for the task because you have resolved other things that needs to be settled.
Concentration requires interest. Concentration is will and the will is directed by desire. You must have a powerful desire to know what you are reading about. The more you desire, the more you will focus naturally. The stronger the motive, the greater the concentration. It all begins with desire. Desire is the starting point of all power.
Memory of reading requires understanding. Research shows you can only remember what you understand. Reading the front and back covers, first and last page alone can give you the overall idea but it is not enough for complete understanding.

All the knowledge and people in the world are advice for you to choose to accept or not to. When you read and you come across things you do not yet accept, simply bypass them and focus on what you’re looking for. Don’t allow yourself to get confused or stumped. If the author isn’t clear, move on. Keep plowing. Skim or skip boring and irrelevant sections.

You are the master of what you are reading when nothing holds you back. You may accept certain things later but what matters for now is what you can accept currently. Having this mindset enables you to move right along with unhindered progress.

Remember, not every material is meant to be speed read. Unlike what other experts tell you, it is nonsense to think that way. You will sense when something you read just makes you want to slow down and read it at normal speed. You know there is a reason that makes you want to read it that way. Usually it is new mental territory that you’re supposed to cover at normal speed in order to develop proper understanding of it.

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