Parapsychology - Highest level of Mind is Psychic

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Parapsychology - Highest level of Mind is Psychic

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Parapsychology is the study of the evidence of mental awareness or influence of external objects without interaction from known physical means. Most objects of study fall within the realm of “mind-to-mind” influence (such as telepathy), “mind-to-environment” influence (such as psychokinesis) and “environment-to-mind” (such as clairvoyance).

This is the level where the mind is capable of doing things that seem to be beyond the boundaries of physical possibility. Telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance, precognition and extra sensory perception (ESP) are topics of paranormal psychological phenomena. It is phenomena that appear to contradict physical laws and suggest the possibility of causation by mental processes.

The three kinds of psychic ability are great but there is a far more greater use of the mind. Reality Creation is the greatest of all psychic powers.
The Law of Attraction attracts by creating and creates by attracting. It pulls what you focus on to you, or it pulls together the quantum field to manifest it for you. Focus collapses the wave function into particles and crystalizes the sea of infinite possibilites into something tangible and experiential.
To create your reality, consistenly visualize and affirm what you want happen.
What most people consider to be Magic could be more properly referred to as Manifestation. Manifestation is the use of the imagination to manifest the object of desire into physical reality in accordance with Universal Laws and it is the fundamental basis of all creation. Magic in its absolute form is purely mental.
Magic is “the control of the visible world by invisible means” or “creating and making things happen with the powers of the mind”. Modern science may understand it as “the manipulation of quantum forces to reshape the matrix of the reality continuum”.
When you understand that at a quantum level everything without exception is Energy that is influenced and shaped by the immense powers of the Mind, you will know that anything and everything truly is possible.
Science is at the very earliest stages of understanding entanglement, and there is much yet to learn. But what we’ve seen so far provides a new way of thinking about psi. No longer are psi experiences regarded as rare human talents, divine gifts, or “powers” that magically transcend ordinary physical boundaries. Instead, psi becomes an unavoidable consequence of living in an interconnected, entangled physical reality. Psi is reframed from a bizarre anomaly that doesn’t fit into the normal world - and hence labeled paranormal - into a natural phenomenon of physics. – Entangled Minds

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