Appearance of God in Heaven and Earth Planes

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Appearance of God in Heaven and Earth Planes

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

God is Infinite Being. God is pure consciousness that exist as formless spirit. God is not fundamentally a personality, but God expresses itself as a personality or a group of personalities. The Infinite Being manifests itself as three distinct divine beings or personalities. We cannot see the essence of God because it is unseen, but that does not mean we cannot see God. To understand why beings have seen God but do not believe in him, we have to come to the knowledge of God’s appearance in both planes.

The two planes of existence are the Heaven and Earth planes. In this case, Heaven refers to the nonphysical dimensions and Earth refers to the physical dimension. There are different dimensions of the universe and different states of existence in each of these dimensions. The nature of time and space changes from one dimension to the next. Form and appearance also changes from one plane to another. Every dimension is simply an emanation from Original Consciousness, the dimensionless dimension.

There are different levels of the nonphysical dimension. At the highest level, beings do not exist in form but they interact with one another with their pure thoughts, emotion and energy. It is only in the lower levels where they appear in form. Therefore, we can see one another as separate and distinct entities even in Heaven, just like the way we see each other on Earth. Knowing this, we can understand why God appears like one of us whether in the heavenly or earthly plane. Because all appearance is illusion.

Appearance is illusion because it is only an expression of God and not the essence of God itself. The ultimate reality of God is Pure Spirit which expresses itself into individuated consciousness, forms and appearances. The moment we interact with God by means of the senses whether physical or nonphysical, we are interacting with an expression of God. We are all expressions of God Consciousness and therefore when we interact with another being, we are interacting with an aspect of our God Self.

Beings that exist in Heaven can manifest into any form and take on any appearance. There are two forms that spirit beings tend to manifest in particular. They are the form of a Prince and the form of a Dragon. The princely form which is a human like form that shines as a body of light, is the purest and most perfect expression of divinity. The dragon form which is a gigantic, beastly and awe inspiring form, is the ultimate expression of divine power, might and majesty. Both forms have their own use and purpose.

In the physical world, Man questioned how can Jesus Christ claim to be God when he was one of us humans. He looked like us, talked like us and lived like us. That is the reason why people don’t automatically believe in Jesus Christ as God even though they saw him face to face. He appeared like anyone of us but he sought to let us know that he alone was the highest expression of God. We could either believe him and his words or reject them both. Believing is purely a matter of total freewill choosing.

In the heavenly planes, Angels questioned how can The Trinity claim to be the highest expression of God when they were supposed to be light beings like themselves. The trinity looked like them, talked like them and existed like them. The difference was that, the trinity appeared to be more powerful than any of them. But some of the angels sought to put that power to test, while the rest of the angels remained faithful and true to the trinity. Angels also had a choice of pure freewill to serve or rebel against God.

As below so above. When we do not believe in Jesus Christ, the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit as the highest expression of God while on Earth, we will also not believe when we pass into the Heavenly or nonphysical dimensions. Because in Heaven, we will appear as the angels, possessing angelic powers and divine abilities. To make the choice of believing the trinity in one dimension is to believe them in all other dimensions. Therefore it’s not the appearance of God but his Word that truly matters.

Acknowledging The Lord as God is based on pure respect and pure faith. We can understand and comprehend everything else in the entire universe, in all dimensions, in all realities purely by metaphysical reasoning and logic. But when it comes to accepting the concept that The Lord is God Most High, we can only do it by believing in Him. If even angels who are super intelligent in universal laws and capable of experiencing all spiritual phenomena directly, can still doubt The Lord, how much more we humans?

Choosing to follow The Lord is a choice based on pure freewill. Because of this metaphysical structure of the universe that God has established, there is no force that pulls you in one direction or the other more powerfully. Therefore whatever spiritual phenomena that you experience, does not automatically cause you to believe or disbelief The Lord. There is a choice that is within your power to make. This is the perfect balance and fairness of freewill that God establishes for faith in Him. It is the Wisdom of Spirit.

Authentic service is not because of power but because of love. If we choose to serve a being just because it appears to be the more powerful one, how true is our choice? Because as soon as that being appears to be less powerful than another, we would automatically serve the other. That’s why there’re beings that change allegiance between The Lord and Satan whether in Heaven or on Earth. When you choose to serve because of love, power is not a factor. Power can be subjective but only love is true reality.

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