Influencing others with your Energy Force

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Influencing others with your Energy Force

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

You can make those that you come in contact with feel as you do, because you radiate vibrations of the way you feel and your vibrations are felt by others. When you concentrate on a certain thing you turn all the rays of your vibrations on this. Thought is the directing power of all Life’s vibrations. Cultivate the art of feeling, for you can only make others feel what you feel. Hold only those mental states, which you wish other to take on.
A persuader is a transferor of emotion. Emotion is power, you’ve got to have it within yourself before you can give it to somebody else. You can’t transfer that which you are not experiencing. You have to have confidence because you are capable of doing something, not because you have already done it. If confidence comes from having already done something, you probably wouldn’t even get started. You have to act as if you are already what you want to become.
It is the mind that moves energy. Will is the ruling faculty of mind. You move the energy by willing it. The will is feeling force. As you feel so energy moves. You exert your energy outwards by feeling it move from you. Feeling is energy force, energy field and force field. Energy is matter and matter is energy. You can literally affect reality on every level with feeling force or energy force. You can summon up energy and shape it with the will. Your feeling affect everybody else’s etheric-physical reality. This feeling or energy force is your personal magnetism. You must be able to control energy with the will in both ways. You must be able to stop the flow of energy when it is too much and you must be able to summon up energy when you need it.
People in positions of power walk with a certain space around them. The greater their power, the greater the space they have. The effect of how people move around you depends on the nature of your energy force. Whether it is weak or strong, erratic or stable. Whether you are exerting it or not.

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