Measure Progress by Increments instead of Leaps

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Measure Progress by Increments instead of Leaps

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Don’t fail to appreciate progress. Acknowledge that even the smallest amount of progress is still progress. Even the smallest change, if positive, is positive change and a step in the right direction, one step closer to our goals. That is the essence of excellence. It is all about constant and never ending improvement. Big changes are created by many small changes added up over time. If you want to enjoy the journey towards the ultimate destination, you must measure progress by increments instead of leaps.

Rate of manifestation is the net result of attraction minus repulsion. Each time we move towards our desires by thinking about what’s working for us, we are in attraction mode. Each time we move away from our desires by thinking about what’s not working for us, we are in repulsion mode. We either progress or regress, we never stand still. The key is to keep driving your car in the direction where you want to go instead of away from it. You do this by appreciating every positive effect that comes you way.

Many a times, we get discouraged and lose hope because we get less than what we expected. We feel that we must get exactly what we want when we want it for our intentions to be successful. But we lose sight of the fact that we are already on our way there, and there are other things that have to fall in place before we fully get what we intend. We may be getting thirty fold at first, but in time we will get sixty fold, and then finally a hundred fold. Continue sowing the seeds and making the ground better.

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