Manifesting Desires by Using Your Higher Self

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Manifesting Desires by Using Your Higher Self

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Through the process of manifesting, it is not the lower self but the higher self that manifests. The lower self can be considered the conscious mind while the higher self can be considered the subconscious in combination with the superconscious mind. They are not lower or higher in position but in arbitrary terms. The higher self can also be known as the inner mind. When you wish to manifest something, you need to pass the intent from the conscious mind to the inner mind. You must know how it functions.

The conscious mind is normally known as the lower self. But when we call the subconscious mind the lower self instead, then the conscious mind becomes known as the middle self while the superconscious takes the term of higher self. When all three selves are aligned, you shall say unto the mountain “move” and it will move. You do not communicate from the middle to the higher self directly, but through the medium of the lower self. You must impress the subconscious in order to impress the super mind.

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