Transcending Laws of Polarity and Rhythm in Life

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Transcending Laws of Polarity and Rhythm in Life

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In the realm of the absolute, there is only peace, wholeness and perfection. Unity is the law of the absolute. But in the realm of the relative, the law of polarity exists. God is above the pair of opposites, which means above the law of polarity or duality. The law of rhythm is next in the realm of the relative, which signifies opposites swinging from one to another in cycles. Both laws are there ready to stop all human endeavors, to destroy our works and thus prevent us from progress. We must transcend these.

When we set an intention, we immediately create its opposite to rise up against us. We make a positive statement and immediately the silent opposition of the negative rise up from nowhere. We usually have all kinds of difficulties performing that which we intended to do. When we make an individual statement, even though a positive one, we simply state it from a human point of view and we back it up only by our own limited forces. We must make them from a divine point of view knowing we’re divine creators.

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