Strength of Intent by Repetition Creates Results

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Strength of Intent by Repetition Creates Results

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Having a strong demand creates strength of intent which pulls in results. You can strengthen your intent by repeatedly praying for your requests to come to pass. Each time you set your intent but have not experienced your results yet, it is not in vain. You are building up energy and the more you continue setting your intent, the more energy will be accumulated for it to ultimately manifest. The energy is gradually shifting the matrix of reality for your desired event to be brought into actualization correctly.

Repetition of prayers has to be done on a daily basis. This creates an energetic magnetic field. When prayers are not repeated often enough, the magnetic field decreases in strength. If you are setting your intention for something to happen from time to time but feel that it isn’t working, try increasing the frequency of sending it. Repetition increases the magnetic field strength. Therefore setting an intent over and over again is to reinforce its energy field strength. It’s a good thing to know why repetition works.

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