True Value is Created in Business not Investment

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True Value is Created in Business not Investment

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

All wealth in this world is created by converting resources into things that enhance the state of life. Progress is made in humanity when energy is transformed into a more complex form. Those who supply the resources are investors. Those who convert the resources are business people. True value is created in business not investment. If everyone was an investor but there were no business people, humanity would go nowhere. If there were only business people around, resources can still be found anyway.

Investors only help to make it more convenient for resources to be accessed. But the true wealth is created by the business people. They are the ones who create the new out of the old. If we only focus on multiplying what we have by investing, we would keep getting the same old. Advancement is based on creativity and innovation. Investors do not create, business people do. Creation requires the use of the intelligence to make things different and better. Wealth is the result of man’s ability to think creatively.

If you want to be super rich, you can never do it by investment. You can only become super rich through business. Investment is meant for you to protect your wealth and grow it by a certain percentage over time. Business is the place where you can grow your wealth by hundreds to thousands of percent. No form of investment can ever do what business can do. All who are super rich either have a business that makes it so, or they invest in businesses to have ownership and add value to the business itself.

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