Acting with Love Energy leads to Increase of Life

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Acting with Love Energy leads to Increase of Life

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Everything that we do is imbued with the energy of our consciousness. Two people might do the same action but each is putting in a different kind of energy according to his or her mental state and attitude. The energy that we put into our actions will be received by those whom our actions affect. It is the love energy or the lack of it that we are giving. This energy affects all that we do and the kind of results we get. We also desire to receive this love energy from others in what they do for us.
Love energy is present when people are loving what they do or are doing it with love. Without love energy, our actions are dead works because they lack the life and meaning that is meant to be present in them. We are all here not just to do what we are required to do in order to sustain life, but we are here to live life and help others to experience life as well. Life requires action to exist. Anything that is not moving is dead. All that is alive expresses itself in motion.
Life is love in action. That is why sitting still and not doing anything eventually leads to decay and disintegration of being. Life is experienced by connecting with others.  The more alive a group of living beings is, the more they are connecting and interacting with one another. To connect requires motion to make the connection. Every activity that is presented in this world is for the purpose of making that connection between people. The evolution of life is the evolution of the ways that we can connect.

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