Doubt is Main Cause of Failure in Anything

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Doubt is Main Cause of Failure in Anything

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The biggest reason why we have bad experiences and failures in any area of life is doubt. We doubt when we worry and fear. That is what causes all the failures in our work, marketing, business, relationships, health and everything else. Do you know why? Because we become what we think about most. All actions are effects and the only cause is thought. Worrying is using your imagination and emotion to create something you do not want. Worry and fear is unbelief. Our beliefs create reality. Unbelief is actually belief in the opposite of what we desire to create. When conflicting beliefs exist, we sabotage our reality creation. That is why we fail to manifest what we want.

Through the process of manifesting your desires, you may encounter situations where you still haven’t got what you wanted at a time you expect to get it, and you start to question and doubt that what you’re doing works. When you think “why isn’t this working yet” or “why hasn’t it happened yet”, you are moving away from your desire. When you have negative feelings of fear, worry or doubt, all you have to do is stop in that moment and change your focus onto what you want. You must do it in that moment and not later.

Focus on what you desire only. Do not focus on your fear of not getting it. If you believe that something won’t work or doubt it, then you will push the things you want away from you. Some people try visualizing and affirming what they want for a moment but then they spend the rest of the time undoing their reality creation by worrying, doubting and focusing not yet having what they want. Your belief that you can’t have what you really want will be created in your life as that thought energy goes to work to make sure you don’t get what you want.

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