Your Higher Self has Chosen Everything for You

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Your Higher Self has Chosen Everything for You

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Realize and appreciate every moment as perfect because your higher self has chosen everything and it is all happening in divine order and divine timing. You higher self sees the bigger picture and has decided on the best possible experience for you to have. You don’t have to worry that things are not going the way they were meant to go or regret that things are going in a different direction because of what you did. You connect back to the direction of your source the moment you realize that it is in control.
You came into this world with a purpose that was chosen by your higher self, the aspect of you which is one with God. You were specially designed for the fulfillment of it. Your life conditions that you were born into were also specially chosen as part of that purpose. Your innate personality traits, talents and physical qualities were also given for the work you were meant to do. The dreams that you came to have and the desires of your heart were inspired by your higher self for your purpose as you grew in life.
Everything from the beginning all the way to the end of your possible human life on this world has already been thought of and designed by your higher self. Nothing that happens to you which appears to be out of your control is a mistake. As you go along the journey of your life and making choices that leads to the unfoldment of your destiny, each step of the way, your higher self steps in to alter the arrangement of events in order to keep you on your path. Some of these alterations may appear as bad things.

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