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Develop and Use Systems for Maximum Success

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The key to maximum success in everything lies in the use of systems. Some people achieve success in an unpredictable manner where they do not know exactly how it happens but sometimes they make it and sometimes they don’t. Mastery is when you have refined the way you do things to a point where you have a particular way that works best for you every time you use it. That way of doing things is a system that produces consistent, reliable and optimal results. Systems are discovered and created.
If you want to become the best in what you do, you must develop and use a system that enables you to produce your best results. The aim of all effort towards success is to experiment, discover and refine particular ways of doing things that gets you the best results. This is what the best players who aim to play their best all the time keep doing. Winning is not a one time thing, it is an all time thing. Success that cannot be replicated at will is not true success. You are truly successful when you can repeat.
The entire universe is a system of systems. There is a logos or logical system for everything. All things are processes. Working on the process instead of the outcome is key to success. When you discover the system of an area of life, you become enlightened to the way things work in that area. Everything in life has a formula. There is a formula for wealth, health, relationship, self growth, enjoyment and spirituality. When you discover the formula or logos in any area, you can achieve success in that area.

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