Manifest with Emotion of Desire and Expectation

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Manifest with Emotion of Desire and Expectation

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Physical form is created by the subconscious manipulation of basic energy units in the universe. What contributes to this subconscious act is the combination of thought, expectation, emotion and desire. It is the reason why when you focus strongly on some desired event in the perceived future with emotional yearning and expectation, it is likely to happen. You may find that some seemingly miraculous manifestations in your life always occurred when you had a deep emotional necessity and burning desire.

There are various points in space that supply the energy flow for transforming thoughts and emotions into physical matter. There is a certain emotional intensity that we can reach in our desire and it is the trigger point. Once that trigger point has been reached, our emotion of desire will automatically attach itself to the nearest power point which supplies the core energy flow to manifest the event required. The key here is to allow ourselves to feel enough emotional intensity for our desires to tap those points.

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