Use Thoughtforms in Places to Influence People

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Use Thoughtforms in Places to Influence People

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

It is possible to charge an area with psychic power. You can charge any place, or anything, for that matter, with enough energy to influence anyone who passes by it. This is the act of create thoughtforms in places to influence people. This technique gives great power to those who are aware of it and can use it consciously than those who do not. Everywhere you go, there is a particular mental atmosphere in the environment. But you can manipulate the mental atmosphere by using thoughtforms that you make.

Thoughtforms can have a positive or negative effect on those that pass within its vicinity. It continues to operate even when you are away from the place, unless you have commanded it to be removed or to go with you. Thoughtforms are clumps of consciousness that are programmed with intent and charged with mental energy. Your intent is the factor that controls its function. Everything in the universe is consciousness and thoughtforms exist at different densities. All thoughtforms interact with one another.

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