Super Genius Level of Intelligence and Qualities

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Super Genius Level of Intelligence and Qualities

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The level of Super Genius is far higher than the genius level because super genius contains Transcendental Genius. Genius may understand the highest levels of physics in this realm, but Super Genius understands higher dimensional physics and philosophy. A super genius’s thoughts are transcendent and higher than that of a genius. In order to truly be super genius, one must also be able to think at the genius level. One must be able to think in terms of physics, mathematics, geometry, forces, mechanics, dynamics, principles, laws and insights. Then one can think of those things at a higher level which is the super genius level.

A Super Genius has an Integrative Mindset. They know that there is a need to integrate knowledge from various sources. Complete perspective is complete understanding and truth. Every piece of the puzzle is important. Complete truth is the integration of all truth. More information about the Integrative Mindset can be found in Mind Reality.

A Super Genius is able to do Polarity Thinking. They know that all truth is but half truth. They can see how things are dual and unified at the same time. They are able to switch between two seemingly opposite ways of thinking and yet hold them together and operate in accordance with situation, timing and appropriates of their application. Just because you come to learn of a truth that is opposite of the first doesn’t mean you must exclude the first. Both can be used at different context of workability.

Super Geniuses have Multidimensional Perspective. They can see things from multiple angles and yet know that there are varying degrees of truth in all those angles of perception at the same time. They are not limited with seeing things from only one point of view.

A Super Genius has the mentality of Getting to the Essence and the Core. Everything has a core; the core leads to everything else. The core is the purest structure within all structures. It is essence structure. Everything can be defined to the core. All things have their most simplified and concise state. Everything is unified and simplified.

A Super Genius has a Very Wide Range of Awareness. Intelligence is an all-encompassing factor. It doesn’t include only certain types or certain levels. A Super Genius incorporates ALL LEVELS, from level 1 to level 7 of intelligence. A Super Genius sees from the “All-Mind” and incorporates all perspectives both light and dark, and plays the entire range of densities from the lower to the higher. Being able to play at all levels whether directly or indirectly is the key to being All-Powerful.

A Super Genius is on a Continual Ascension of Intelligence. The best is getting better, and the highest is going higher still. Always advance to the next level in your understanding of things. Be willing to refine your thinking and shift paradigms. Be formless, be changeable structure.

Super geniuses are beyond titles which is why they usually don’t have any. They are much too important to fit into the responsibilities and expectations of the roles by which the titles convey. Even super genius Christians transcend the title of pastor. All Christians have the fivefold ministry of being pastors, apostles, evangelists, teachers and prophets. Super geniuses might not have a specific title but they do incorporate all qualities that titles convey. A super genius might not be an artist but he does art, might not be a doctor but knows medicine, is not called a businessman, but does business, might not be a musician, but knows music, etc.

You might not find any super genius in any specific roles as they transcend all mortal roles. They have the freedom to operate with maximum freedom from the formless state that they are in and execute the functions of any state at will from time to time to the extent by entering into it temporarily or by influencing those holding such titles.

Super geniuses might have identities but not titles. A title is a professionally recognized name by the world. An identity is a more casual type of name that anybody can call another or themselves. The identity that super geniuses have would be the identity of genius, wise man, brilliant mind, etc. A super genius might have a title of teacher once, but when he moves to the next level, he transcends it. Because being a teacher might mean that one always need to teach. One who is not called a teacher can teach whenever they want to and can also don’t teach for any length of time. Super genius moves beyond all titles and names.

Super geniuses tend to be invisible. They rule from behind the scenes. They transcend this world and they are too high for the day to day operations that many take part in. They make use of systems and people to do the legwork and brainwork. Their focus is on self growth and graining greater awareness. They understand the principle of non-interference and therefore they know that they do not have to seek to help others but to help themselves and let others help themselves. Each creates their own reality. By focusing of their own self growth, they influence and benefit humanity on a grand scale in consciousness through their universal link. This is to do with the 100 monkeys’ syndrome.

Geniuses contribute to humanity at the highest level through original thoughts and ideas rather that perpetuating what is already there which is what anyone can do. Super Geniuses have even greater range in doing so. They also know that higher knowledge is not for the masses and therefore they do not need to become the most popular or the most famous in regards to the higher stuff that they do. They are too high to require intense recognition from this world as the regard of mass life in this world do not matter to them. They don’t waste time trying to propound their message to everybody, but they leave it behind through materials such as writings, and they share it personally only with certain worthy people. To create the highest change in society is to change it at the level of the mind, of understanding and thinking.

They also establish maximum freedom in their life by not being tied down in leadership positions in government, business or family life. They have the least amount of scheduled or routine operations that even the halfway intelligent are tied to. They make sure that they have maximum freedom of choice at every point in time. Their freedom is maximized for the purpose of intelligent thinking and interactions with intelligent people. They are too high to conform to anything mundane that takes away freedom. They also have the ability to perceive intelligence or potential intelligence in others even when it is shrouded from the view of people in general.

Being free to pursue knowledge is what enables you to be a super genius. The freer your mind can be, the more freely you can think and know things. Freedom is the most important thing. Being free begins by being free from illusions. The more your awareness increases, the more powerful you are, and that power is true power. Create a life where you never have to work for anyone and can be flexible with your own time so that you are available to pursue knowledge, inspired action and opportunity.

What is mentioned about titles, roles, visibility, fame and positions are just guidelines and not absolute rules about Super Genius. Only what is described about the mentality and mindset are the absolute rules about what it means to be truly Super Genius. Super Genius may hold any title, participate in any role, be as visible, be as famous as they want, and choose to take on responsibilities in government, business or family life. But they do it all on their own terms, and they arrange everything in such a way that it still upholds their highest value of freedom to live their lives as they wish, and according to their own judgments of what is the best way for them.

Although there are two different definitions of Level 6 intelligence according to the Seven Levels of Intelligence in Mind Reality, having Conscious and Cosmic Intelligence does not necessarily make one a Super Genius. The various qualities that have been described here about the Super Genius level of intelligence form the more complete picture. The more of these various aspects one has, the more Super Genius they are.

This is the “Most Powerful” type of Information. The entire work of Mind Reality is the work of Super Genius.

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