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Godlike Manifesting From a Place of Being

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

It doesn’t depend on whether things are good or bad in order for something to be true. If you are sick, the truth of your being is health. If you are poor, the truth of your being is abundance. The purpose of faith is to declare what is true even when the current state of things seems to reflect otherwise. It is easy to declare what is true when things are reflecting it to be so. But the true test of creation comes when you have to deliberately offer a different vibration from the one which your circumstances give out.

When you declare what is true even against opposite results, you are manifesting from a place of being. You are choosing again how you want things to be. This is the essence of manifestation. It is to be a chooser-creator. Now is the time to choose. It doesn’t matter what has happened, or what is happening now. You can allow yourself to be carried away by the situation, or you can choose what you want once again. Return to the place of not having anything, just being. Intend how you want things to be.

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