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Command Reality with Full Power of the Universe

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Powerful and continued focus creates the miracle, creates the dream. Powerful and continued focus erases doubt, and doubt is the great destroyer of dreams. The power of the focus and the strength of the knowing also affect the speed of the manifestation. The focus harnesses the powers of the universe. It harnesses the energies needed for you to create your dream. It magnetizes you, so other people come into your life that will be essential for you to create the dream. Those who can help will be drawn in.

It magnetizes you, so information will be drawn to your mind, so you will pick up on thoughts you will need to have, reach for a certain book, hear a lecture, turn on the TV to a certain channel or frequency. It sets your mind to a desired frequency just like a radio station. You will now be tuned in to the thoughts needed to hear your dream, feel you dream, know your dream and finally to be your dream. Focusing is as real as turning your radio or TV to a desired station. It is that real. It is tuning of your reality.

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