Allowing Yourself to be Naturally Driven in Life

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Allowing Yourself to be Naturally Driven in Life

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The problem with the way most people are working on the path to success is that they are trying to drive themselves rather than allowing themselves to be driven. They are doing it the hard way rather than the easy way. It is the way that requires much effort and struggle because they are pushing themselves to do things rather than allow themselves to be guided naturally into action by their heart. If they would choose the easy and effortless way of inspired action instead, life would be much more enjoyable.

We think that since we are here on earth, we are supposed to do things to prove our self worth. We think we are supposed to make things happen. The truth is that you are not here to do anything, you are simply here to allow yourself to be inspired into doing what God inspires you to do. We are all here to serve God. Our identity is a being of light or an angel, a messenger of God. We are here to allow God to express himself through us. We do not do to live, we are to let life express itself through us.

We have been taught that in order to achieve big things in life, we should set goals. We should think about what we want and to set clear intentions to manifest those very things. We should come up with a plan of action to achieve the very things we desire. But that way of doing things is so unnatural and imperfect. It is hard to even think about what we want because don’t even know what we should want. We can’t even think what plan of action to take because we don’t know what actions would suit us.

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