Retro Psychokinesis - Creating Backwards in Time

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Retro Psychokinesis - Creating Backwards in Time

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The appearance of time in the physical world is an illusionary one. The true nature of time is nonlinear. Events do not have to occur in sequential order the way it seems to us but it can occur in a non-sequential way. Instead of event A occurring first, followed by event B and then C, event C can follow event A in terms of manifestation before event B. There is still an order by which events are created but it takes place at a higher dimension than the one in which they are experienced or brought into manifesting.

There is such a thing called simultaneous time where everything in past, present and future is present at once. The present is the point of creation where everything in the probable past and probable future are being changed to a certain extent by action in the present. Past, present and future events are constantly interacting with each other and that means that a probable event from the future can affect thoughts and actions in the present. Retro Psychokinesis is action of influencing reality backwards in time.

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