Everything is Truly going Your Way At all Times

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Everything is Truly going Your Way At all Times

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Things are really going your way, even though it may not be the way you think things should go. Everything is happening for you. Everything is happening according to your higher choices which are the choices the real you has made. Spirit has chosen everything for you before you came into this dimension to live a life that you had already purposed to live. The path has already been laid out for you and is just there waiting for you to walk it. All you have to do is to trust the universe and to follow spirit.
You are not separate from the universe because the real you is the universe itself. Your human self is a projection of the real you which is here to do what the real you has created it to do. Therefore there is nothing for you to do and nothing for you to create, but only for you to allow the real you which is the power and the presence of the creator to create through you and to do everything through you. The way to do that is to do nothing except that which you are inspired to do, which is the guidance of spirit.
When you do something that you felt guided from within to do and it seems that it didn’t work out, it is not a mistake. As long as you followed your heart, you did the right thing. It is not that nothing is happening because something is happening. The universe is preparing you for something. The actions that you took is for the purpose of helping you to learn what you need to learn, and to develop what you need to develop, in order to be able to bring into manifestation the fullness of all that you truly desire.

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