You are the Presence and the Power of The Creator

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You are the Presence and the Power of The Creator

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There are people who go through life without realizing the answers to the most important questions about what their existence in this world is all about. In order to really live a conscious and meaningful life, you need to know the secret of what life is about. You want to know the three most important things which are the answers to what is the meaning of life, what you are here for and who you really are. Because when you know these, everything opens up for you and the world becomes yours for the taking.
The meaning of life is that life is for you to fulfill your purpose and to experience who you really are. You can achieve anything you truly desire. You were created with a dream. No one exist without a dream. Your dream is your purpose. You are here to fulfill your purpose by following your heart and achieving your dream. What makes you truly happy is not all the external things such as money, material things, fame and acclamation. What makes you truly happy is doing what brings you joy and fulfillment.
You originally exist in a higher plane of spirit where you are everything, can do anything and have everything. In that dimension, you can create anything you want simply by thinking it into existence. You created this physical dimension to live life in a world of limitation and to transcend it by connecting with the unlimited power that comes from the higher plane where you exist in. You now exist simultaneously in two dimensions although you might not be aware of this state of being in the physical dimension.

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