Demagnetization of Emotional Energy Among Humans

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Demagnetization of Emotional Energy Among Humans

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Emotional energy is magnetic in nature. Humans build up energy when they get emotional and that energy seeks demagnetization or needs to be discharged. The act of building up emotional energy is also what is known as creating tension. When tension builds up between two or more people, they need to release it. The act of emotional expression is for releasing that tension. People who are not aware of the demagnetization process of energy may ignorantly hold themselves back from emotional release.

To demagnetize is to release. When you release, you get yourself back in a state of peace or equilibrium. Being charged up for too long would only be disruptive to your energy circuit. Your energy current flow needs to be at proper levels otherwise it would be damaging to your system. Poise and harmony is the natural state of all things. You cannot function in overdrive for too long. It is only meant to be experienced for a short while. Either way the release has to happen and the best way is to do it correct.

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