The Wave Principle of Light and Darkness in Life

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The Wave Principle of Light and Darkness in Life

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Everything is vibration. Vibration is a wave, and waves have rhythm.

Light and sound move in waves. Since light can be considered sound, the entire universe is musical and functions in musical harmonics. There is a rhythm to everything.

Without waves, there can be no movement. There are forward waves and backward waves in a wave. A wave cannot go any further without a backward wave. There must be backward waves in order to have continuation of forward waves.

The Wave Principle shows the proportion of forward and backward waves as 5-3-5-3. There are five progressive waves up and three corrective waves down. Then only can there be another five progressive waves up. The principle of 5-3-5-3 can be found in the human body. The body has five appendages which are the head, arms and legs. Four of them contain three subdivisions. The last Subdivisions which are the hands and feet contain another five appendages which are five fingers and five toes. Four fingers and four toes contain three subdivisions. This shows that the principle of 5-3-5-3 is part of universal order.

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