How Gaming makes your Brain Smarter Than Others

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How Gaming makes your Brain Smarter Than Others

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Gaming trains the mind by improving hand-eye coordination, faster decision-making, management and leadership skills. It can also train the ability to identify reasons for failure and formulation of strategies.

The concentration and coordination abilities developed through cybergaming can be transferred to developing similar skills and abilities in studies.

Korean psychologists Chae Jeong and Jeong Chan Ho did a study which compares pro-gamers (professional gamers) with undergraduates from top Korean universities. They found that even outside of games, gamers are better at taking in visual and aural information from the environment. They respond much more quickly to it by distinguishing essential stimuli from unnecessary ones and were also able to control their stress levels.

More significantly, the production of theta brainwaves increases dramatically when pro-gramers play games. Theta brainwaves are often seen in connection with creativity, long-term memory and intution.

You could even be better served by a surgeon who loves his games. Researchers for the Beath Israel Medical Centre in New York found a correlation between experience in video games and proficiency in laproscopic surgery - a minimally invasive surgery.

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