Etheric Pull on Present from Perceived Future

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Etheric Pull on Present from Perceived Future

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In the physical world, space is real but time is imaginary. In the etheric realm, space is imaginary but time is real. You can move freely in all three spatial directions in the physical world but you have a lot less freedom to go backwards physically in time. In the etheric realm you can move forwards or backwards in time freely. While you are standing in one spot, the surrounding world shifts forwards or backwards in time. But you cannot move in space as freely without breaking out of the space-time continuity.

The moment you interact with an object in the etheric realm, you break out of time traveling mode. Space in the etheric realm is imaginary because you can have multiple versions of the same object in superposition with each other. The inside of a room can be larger than the outside. Objects can be in reversed form and position compared to their physical counterpart. When you are in the etheric realm, you are in the quantum state of reality where you can witness multiple probable states of physical reality.

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