Intuition - Nonlinear Thinking to Know Reality

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Intuition - Nonlinear Thinking to Know Reality

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Real intuition does what the intellect alone cannot. It senses truths that do not follow directly from the old assumptions, old logic, or old programming. Truths accessed by intuition are therefore transcendental. Intuition can point you to flaws in prior assumptions, help you notice new observations that were otherwise missed, and present new possibilities to contemplate. Real intuition comes from beyond. Whatever determines your current realm, your current body of assumptions, intuition extends far beyond it.

If you are a product of the past, intuition is a feedback flow from the future. If you are the lower self, intuition comes from the higher self. If you are operating from the five senses, intuition comes through the sixth. Intuition is your internal compass magnetized to absolute truth, that if followed takes you through ever greater levels of knowing and thus through ever more advanced realms of existence. It is the voice of your spirit, and it only speaks as clearly as you have ears to hear and the mind to understand.

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