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Welcome! You now have access to the Mind Power Secrets Package + Reality Creation Secrets Ebook + Mind Reality Membership Archive! No other place contains such a vast amount of information that can benefit you in all areas of life. All members are positive, eager to learn continually from Mind Reality and getting better every day!

I like members who appreciate my work, and if it is your first time here, I highly encourage you to spend at least 60 days reading the Mind Reality Membership Archive because it is the BEST part of the Mind Power Secrets Package. The archive itself provides lots of “insider” shortcuts to creating a sensational life, multiply your happiness in every situation and escape misery and suffering, almost like magic!

Here are what some people have said after reading the Mind Reality Archive:

“Hello Enoch: I have been visiting your site since last year’s summer and must admit what a huge impact it has done on my life. I am a completely different person. I have applied your principle and have achieved great success in career. Thank you for that very much.”- Dominique

“Enoch Tan, I have to tell you that everything I wanted I am getting. I believed on you, so I am receiving all the money I desired. I will thank you for the rest of my life. Thank you.” - Nelson Geraldo

You should see 3 links to access the 3 parts of this program:

1. The link to access Mind Power Secrets Package. (Money/Sex/Power Discoveries)

2. The link to download Reality Creation Secrets. (Originally sold at $97)

3. The link to access Mind Reality Membership Archive. (The Best Part of the package!!!)

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Wait, this is just PART of the secrets revealed... There is MUCH vital information you are missing... Click to View the HIDDEN PART!

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There is a BIG difference between the paid access and public one.

When you visit my site without login, you will find that you can only read the first few paragraphs of each article. Paid members have full access to all content on all articles.

I give some of my articles on my site for free as a tithe to the universe, but all the rest of my articles contain hidden portions that are accessible ONLY to members.

The articles I write are the most life changing in the world! When you have something in writing, you can see the whole thing before you, and can always refer back to exactly where you remembered about something instantly, without wondering which part it was.

Feel free to read anything you wish, and may you be greatly inspired and empowered!

You have access to all hidden portions of each content when you are logged in as a member.

Enoch Tan - Creator of Mind Reality

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