Influence Others by Changing Perception of Them

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Influence Others by Changing Perception of Them

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Many a times in our lives, we are limiting our experience with others or limiting their experience with us. We must remember that we create the reality of our interactions according to the perception we have about others. Perceptions are necessary in order to define those that we know in relation to us. But when they have changed or we have changed but our perception of them or the relationship doesn’t change, then we are limiting things between us to be the way they are. We must refresh perceptions.

Allow yourself to change your perception of others as they change. Expect them to change or have changed instead of expecting them to be the same as they were before. This frees up the relationship for growth and transformation rather than causing the same old problems to keep reoccurring. When others change and we still see them the way they were before, we prevent ourselves from perceiving the changes and therefore do not experience them. We wonder why they never change when they actually did.

You can even change your experience with others simply by changing the way you perceive them, even when they haven’t really changed. When you change your perception of others, you change the consciousness you attract from them and you also literally change the way they are. You create and attract everything into your experience including your interactions with people. Your perception of others create what they are towards you, therefore changing your perception of them changes them.

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