Compacting and Releasing Energy for Magical Intent

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Compacting and Releasing Energy for Magical Intent

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Spirit works through mind, and mind works through the “Ether”. The “Ether” which is the framework of matter and the vehicle of the life-forces, can be manipulated within the limits of its nature, which are by no means inconsiderable. Magic at the level of Earth revolve around manipulating this substance using desire, imagination and will. The ability to manipulate the Astral Light is acquired by meditative discipline. There are some exceedingly unpleasant people walking the earth today who may lay claim to understanding the workings of the universe. Magic works for both good and evil.

It is not true that every thought is an intention. So to some, to say that intent is just thinking, is wrong. It’s really just thinking loudly and sending it out. Intent is thinking with strength of thought, with larger amplitude, with firmness, with emphasis, and with a directed purpose. Magicians employ techniques to strengthen their will, awaken their higher faculties and imbue themselves with extra life force. All of this increases the strength of their thought force.

Energy, it’s all about energy. All matter is made up of condensed energy. When you do magic, you are tapping into the energy field. The trick is in thinking as a consciousness, not as a physical being. To let ones thoughts become energy themselves, and then to expel that energy out into the astral. Once your “spell” is cast into the energy field, the idea is for it to affect probabilities and chance, in your favor. It does this by the quickest and most direct manner. The key part is to produce and cast out enough energy to get the results you want.

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