Loving Others is Actually to Love Your Self

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Loving Others is Actually to Love Your Self

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

When you love others, you are loving yourself. There are no others because there is only you. Whatever you do, you are doing it for yourself. In the beginning, there was only one and there was no other. The one undifferentiated consciousness acted for itself. Even though there are many that now exist which originated from the one, the truth still remains that there is only one. Each being can only act for itself because there is only one Self that exists. All love is self love and it is the only true love there is.

Everyone else is an aspect of you. Your relationship with others is your relationship with other aspects of your self. There is a difference between the ego and the Self. The ego is your individuated consciousness in localized time and space. Your Self is Spirit which encompasses all individuated consciousness in existence. Your Self is the unified consciousness of all that is. There are different levels of Spirit. At the highest level, we are all different aspects of the One Supreme Being. We are God in the flesh.

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