Using Reason and Logic for Stability of Mind

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Using Reason and Logic for Stability of Mind

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

In life, your entire reality hinges on the workings of your consciousness on a moment to moment basis. Your inner and outer worlds influence each other. But it is your internal state that is the controlling factor. Being a master of your reality requires you to maintain internal order even when your external experience goes out of order. The key to regaining order on the external circumstances when things get thrown into a state of turmoil, is to create order within. Order your inner world and the outer will follow.

Experiencing chaos attracts more chaos. When chaos arises in your life, you need to focus on regaining order. The way to do that is through logic and reason. The whole universe operates and is held together by logos, which is logic and reason. Logos is the essence of the universal mind. Without logos, there can be no continuity and the entire universe will collapse in an instant. Logic gives order to the mind, which gives order to reality. Therefore when you use logic, you bring order to your mind and reality.

We might think that the upper worlds are beyond logic because logic is linear but time and space are nonlinear in hyper dimension. But when looked at from a higher point of view, linearity does exist within nonlinearity. Everything is ultimately linear or sequential because there is an order to all things. You may travel across several lines of time or space in a parallel fashion, but the path of your traveling is still linear by itself. Even a circle is linear because there is sequence of points along the circumference.

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