Being In Control of Your Reality at All Times

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Being In Control of Your Reality at All Times

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

An important aspect of being a creator of your reality is to be in control of your reality at all times. When you are not being in control of your reality, other forces are pulling you in all directions, causing you to feel out of control, lost and confused about what is going on. You stay in control by knowing what it is that you want and acting accordingly, and not to the wishes and influences of the people and environment around you. Being in control also makes you attractive to others because you’re powerful.
It is a very different situation when you are in a group as compared to when you are alone. When you are in a group, the many different intentions and thoughts of people are pulling you in many different directions all at the same time. Therefore to be in control, you have to stay centered and act according to your own mind. You do not have to follow along with the activities of the group no matter who is leading if it is not your wish. You are not here to please men but to please God which is your true inner self.
Have the boldness to declare your own intentions and do what you want without asking for permission because it is your reality and you do not need anyone’s permission in it. Show strength of perception by stating your own opinion when it differs from others. Be in charge by talking about how you want things to be in your space. Show that you are a whole person and treat others with wholeness by not being approval seeking or giving. All these communicates higher status about you being a creator of your reality.

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