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Probability Manipulation - Reality Warping Magic

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“Results Magic” deals with largely non-reproducible effects, or particularly timely synchronistic events that can be explained by “pure luck”. There is no way to “prove” the existence of this magic. The only way to “prove” it is to prove it to yourself. The only way to experiment is by using your own mind and reality as the laboratory. If you find yourself consistently beating the odds and moving probability in your favor, you’re indeed doing magic. The way to master magic is to use it in ways that you can quantify.

While magick cannot work against physical laws, it can manipulate probability. It can create wonderful coincidences. It can help to attract positive synchronicity into your life. Magick can create undeniable change in the world, even if it manifests as the tiniest event or impulse. The root word is: manifest. All things exist in the probable level of the universe. What you actually experience in this realm is that which manifest. The aim is to push probabilities one way or the other to the extent you desire it to move.

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