Writing is Crystallized Thought

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Writing is Crystallized Thought

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Writing is simply crystallized thought. Thought is like water which flows unceasingly, without form and cannot be grasped fully. Writing pulls thoughts together, gives it structure and presents it to the world in graspable form. It is like crystallizing water by freezing it. It becomes well ordered, structured and observable.

Understanding that I am simply crystallizing my thoughts when I write enables me to write faster, because I know that I’m just putting together what is already there.

I love to read and I love to write. There is so much I have to read because there is so much I want to know. Even when I eliminate all the lesser books in order to read only the core ones, I still find myself spending a lot of time reading them.

But I also need to find time to write. My desire is to create immense value by giving knowledge of the most powerful kind to the world. I began to feel that my reading was taking time from my writing and my writing would take time from my reading. Both are very important to me.

The problem was when I try to stop reading as much and focus on writing instead, I seem to become short of ideas. Writing became more difficult, slower and tedious. But when I stopped my writing and allowed myself to freely read, ideas and inspiration came flowing to me and I could write easily and powerfully. This gave me the understanding the amount of writing I could do was proportionally related to the amount of reading I had been doing.

When I realized that in order to write more, I had to read lots more, I felt jubilant because that is exactly what I wanted to do and enjoy doing. I can spend my time acquiring more knowledge for myself and also giving knowledge to the world. That is so perfect.

I believe that there’s a lot of reading I have to do for now because there is still so much I need to learn. But there will come a time when I’ve known so much that I can read less and be writing a lot more even faster and much better than ever before.

I put my heart and soul into my writing because I want to create the highest quality. Every single piece of my work has an impact on the mind of anyone who reads it. I want to make sure that it is as perfect and complete as possible.

I only choose to write when inspiration is there. I don’t waste my time or anyone’s with anything uninspired. As long as I don’t have something within me that I desire to pour out naturally, I just won’t write. I refuse to allow a single person to waste time reading uninspired stuff.

I feel compelled to crystalize some of my thoughts into writing because they are like the formless wisdom of God that needs to be given form.

I notice that I receive inspiration to write when I allow myself time to think. Since writing is crystallized thought, I need to have thoughts before I can crystallize them into writing. Reading gives me ideas to think about. But I find that my inspiration to write comes not when I am reading but when I am free to think. When you give yourself time to think, you find you can have an abundance to write or speak.

Anything that is inspired has to be allowed to come forth by itself. You cannot force it.

Inspired writing follows a rhythm of rest and action. When the time is right, you will feel compelled to take the appropriate action to bring about your desired outcome.

Inspiration has a holistic nature. Inspiration and creativity are one. Creativity is the ability to make connections, relate truths, combine ideas and integrate concepts into a single whole. Creativity combines existing forms to create new ones that are differentiated yet complete, or complete yet differentiated.

Usually, an entire article begins with an idea that can be expressed with a single title. Once I have a titled idea, I am able to focus my mind on it and thoughts and ideas just come to me and the words build up until an entire piece of writing that never existed before appears in front of my eyes. It’s always fulfilling whenever that happens.

At other times, I just begin writing about an idea I have in my head without knowing what I should name it yet. I might have been writing down paragraphs of inspiration in some other places and then at some moment, I found a way to fit them all together in one place. This is the process called clustering. It is the ultimate solution to writers block. I might then come up with a name for the article, but I would keep making changes to it until I am satisfied with the right one. Some of my best writings take form that way too.

Since writing is crystallized thought, the good that I send out in thought comes back to me multiplied. How wonderful is that! The more I give, the more good returns to me. Not only do I receive in quantity, more importantly I receive in the highest quality because what I give is the best. This is the secret of giving the best.
I also seek to refine my writings whenever I can. I always change something when it can be made better. Only that which is perfect should not be changed. Some of my writings are perfect, others can be refined. In order to spend my time and effort efficiently, I only make refinements that are significant enough to me.
The quality of your work is the quality of your being. Work expresses what you are. You will only put in your best efforts in work that you truly believe in.

Good work takes time to create. The more you focus in it, the more it builds up in size and in quality. Every piece of my writing takes a significant amount of time and thinking to properly form and establish. A good piece of work doesn’t have to be instantly finished. Once it starts, the ball gets rolling and more and more things will get added to it. Just begin and keep returning to it.

Writing is a way to order your thoughts. Ordering your thoughts is the key to ordering your life and everything else in it. The more you write and the more you improve your writing, the better a communicator you will become. The more you are able to order your mind, the more you are able to communicate that order to other people. All communication is mind to mind. Your thinking is influenced by your reading of other people’s writings.

All people of influence take advantage of the power of the written word. They know that authors are automatically considered authorities. The average person thinks whatever they read is true. The person writing it must be an expert. The author is the author-ity. They also know that writing is extremely prestigious. Writing is the fast-track to fame. Our society places a high value on writers. Writers are righter than other people.

There are many people who are considered experts, not because they are skilled at performing the deed, but because they possess a deep base of information about it. And they are not shy about admitting it. One of the nasty little secrets of our culture is that most books are horribly written, and deliver precious little information the reader can use. The thing is, a person isn’t an “expert” because he really knows his stuff. He’s an “expert” because he put what he does know into a book. The true experts you should listen to are those that really know their stuff and can communicate it well.

Concise writing is expressing a thought in the least amount of words needed to give the complete meaning. No more, no less. Conciseness is concentration. The more concise your writing is, the more focused your thoughts are.

“Vigorous writing is concise. A sentence should contain no unnecessary words, a paragraph no unnecessary sentences, for the same reason that a drawing should have no unnecessary lines and a machine no unnecessary parts. This requires not that the writer make all his sentences short, or that he avoid all detail and treat his subjects only in outline, but that every word tell.” - William Strunk Jr. in Elements of Style

“The art of Zen is simply to simplify. It is not daily increase but daily decrease - hack away the unessentials! Simplify, shed, and decrease.”

Good writing expresses a clear point, is substantial and well structured. Brevity at the expense of clarity is no virtue. Do not omit words that are indeed necessary for clarity and readability.

The reason why I write the way I do is to provide knowledge in its essential state. It’s like providing the science or the principles by which everything else is based upon.
The application to specific situations is created individually in the minds of each person according to his/her own needs. The Core focuses on principles and not on techniques. Principles can be applied to all situations and they generate the techniques.

They’ll see for themselves out of it according to what they’re looking for. I don’t frame it in a fixed way for looking at things but provide them with the foundation by which they can use the information for whatever purposes they desire. I prefer writing essence instead of form. To convey the most knowledge in the least expression.

The rules of writing are only to provide you with guidelines for creating quality structure. It is your freedom to choose when to follow or break them according to the best form of expression for your message. In other words, write according to the effect you want to create. The words are your tool, you are the master.

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