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Learn from Darkness to Shine Your Brightest Light

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Seek to learn all you can from every experience. You can only understand the shadow by experiencing it. You can’t experience the shadow when you are only in the light. That is why sages who are already in perpetual bliss have to put themselves back into the shadow to do the work. When you descend to the shadows from the light, you are able to uncover the path from the shadow to light. Then you can help others move from shadow to light. By uniting the power of things inferior and things superior, you obtain the glory of the whole world.
Your true strength is in the ability to act with power in the level of lower vibration. If you can only act with power in the situations of higher vibration, then you are not so powerful after all. When you are weak in situations of lower vibrations, you will get sucked deeper and deeper by the vortex of negative energy because you don’t have the power to ascend back into the light. If you fall in the day of adversity, your strength is small.
We may regard those who hurt us as our adversaries, yet they are also our friends, because they force us to grow wiser. Our adversaries are the impetus or impelling force that helps us evolve. These adversaries bring awareness to our deepest fears and unconscious beliefs. When we can bring awareness to these hidden parts of ourselves, the things which we avoid can become our gateway to growth and healing. Our antagonizer is our helper.
The people who you struggle with will only be forcing you to dig deeper into your inner wellspring of lightness, love, and inner peace. The gems you find inside yourself will bring an even higher awareness, allowing others to respond from a more empowered loving space. When you start recognizing the divine within yourself and in everyone, then everyone you meet becomes a divine teacher showing you exactly what you need to learn next on your life journey.

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