Entering Higher Consciousness to Set Intention

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Entering Higher Consciousness to Set Intention

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Reality is made up of different levels of consciousness. The physical plane itself is a level of consciousness. The belief that we can influence reality with our mind does not belong to the physical level but the spiritual level. The act of setting intentions successfully has to take place at a different level of consciousness from normal reality. The reason why people fail in setting their intention for successful manifestation is because they do not enter the appropriate level of consciousness required for it to be made.

At the normal level of consciousness in physical reality, it is apparent that things cannot be affected without a physical connection. Thus it is a physical rule that physical action can affect physical things and events. To use your mind to affect physical things and events, you have to do so from a different level of consciousness. It is about winning by changing the rules of the game. You have to intend from the consciousness that all things in reality are fundamentally mental. You can influence from that level.

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