There is No Reincarnation in Simultaneous Time

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There is No Reincarnation in Simultaneous Time

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

You translate all that you do, all that you know, into linear terms. This is not wrong but it is a tool. It is a symbol. All that you express linearly is a symbol that represents another element. You do not hold past lives but your tool expresses that you do hold past lives. You may continue to express with your symbols to another individual holding less understanding, and allow for their terminology incorporating reincarnational selves. Reincarnational selves are only a symbol of the sharing of soul information.

Many spiritual entities express to individuals within terms of reincarnational selves. This is for the purpose of understanding. Individuals understand and may relate to these terms. But some of us are ready to move beyond these terms. It is our intent not to be aligning with existing belief systems but to transition to a higher understanding of reality. In the desire to manifest this intent, you draw to you the energy which offers alternate terms that may not match existing belief systems about reincarnational self.

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