State of Flux - When Things May Go Either Way

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State of Flux - When Things May Go Either Way

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

There are situations in life when things may go one way or another. This is called a state of flux. You must pay very special attention to situations like this because it can determine the difference between getting what you want or don’t want. What people do in moments of flux is what separates the losers from the winners. Remember that nothing is definite and everything is just a possibility. How you see things is how you direct things to go. When you’re conscious, you can be in control instead of a victim.

The meaning to a thing in life is the meaning we give to it. We choose our experiences by choosing the beliefs that we have about them. In doing so, we create our reality. Everything has multiple meanings attached to it. We decide what’s true for ourselves. All things are possible, it is choice that selects some of the possibilities while others are shut off or denied. You want to allow what you wish to experience into your life while denying all else from being realized. Everything happens by the choice you make.

Quantum mechanics state that an object exists in a state of superposition until it is observed. The moment a conscious observer looks at the object, it collapses into a single location in time and space. When the observer looks away from the object, it technically exists in multiple locations at once. Since reality behaves like that in the quantum level, it also behaves the same way on the macro level. Things in life go the way we see them going. We mentally steer in the direction where we choose to look.

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