You Must Take What is Yours By Divine Right

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You Must Take What is Yours By Divine Right

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

You decide what you accept into your reality and what you don’t accept. What you disallow through conscious intent shall be disallowed by the universal mind. What you allow through conscious intent shall be allowed by the universal mind. You must assert your rights in order to realize them. Everybody has rights but the reason why some experience their rights while others don’t is because they assert their rights. Manifestation of good is about asserting your rights to the divine goodness that is your nature.

The just shall live by faith. Spiritual Authority is the closest thing in Christianity to being powerful creators of reality by commanding reality. It is exercising our Godlike powers to rule and to reign. Christianity usually does not focus on self as creator of reality, but on praying to God to manage reality. The advanced level of Christianity deals with taking spiritual authority by commanding good to happen and evil to be bound. This is being a conscious creator by using God’s power directly to rule and reign.

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