Your Desire is God Expressing Himself through You

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Your Desire is God Expressing Himself through You

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Our dreams are not really ours. They are really messages from the universe for us to act upon. We all have a gift inside. If we do not share our gift, we are denying the whole world from the blessing of our gift. That gift is necessary to the healing of the universe. The talent that seeks expression through you is waiting for you to take the initiative to act. When you do that the world will provide you with all the means necessary for the easy and effortless manifestation of your dreams.
When you learn to pay more attention to that voice within, you will find yourself guided in what to do in every moment. You experience the right actions spontaneously and accomplish things without almost any effort at all. You seem to be at the right place at the right time, and meet with the right people. Instead of becoming the doer, you become the being through which miracles occur. You become a servant of God instead of imposing your will upon the universe. That is why it is better to pray thy will be done instead of my will be done. When you allow God’s will to orchestrate your life, you experience non resistance.
By listening to the creator within, you are led to your right path. On that path you find friends, love, money, and meaningful work. When you can’t seem to find what you want, it is usually because you are insisting on a particular channel of supply. You must learn to let the flow manifest itself where it will, not where you will it. The challenge for most of us is that we do not know what we want. If you simply learn to listen to the voice within, the gifts that life rewards you with are always far more greater than the ones you could ever think of because your heavenly Father knows what you need before you ask Him.
When you do the work you feel you’re meant to be doing, everything you need shows up without you having to go after it. There is always some kind of power taking care of you. You may not have the resources to take the next step but just trust that you will be taken cared of in one way or another. You don’t need to set up a plan, just know that if that is the next thing that is supposed to happen, it will happen. Let others do it the hard way if they want to. You simply do what is already in your path to do.

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