Manifest Multiple Intentions Using Momentum

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Manifest Multiple Intentions Using Momentum

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

Momentum is the propelling force behind an object in motion. Whenever there is anything in motion, there is always a factor of momentum involved. Manifestation is the process by which your intention moves into physical reality. Therefore momentum is a key factor of manifestation. When you understand momentum and know how to use it well in your manifestation, you will be able to manifest like a master. Handling momentum determines the successful or unsuccessful manifestation of multiple intentions.

Every intention that you want to manifest requires you to put energy into it. The energy required for manifestation is both mental and physical. The more intentions you want to manifest, the more energy you have to use. The more intentions you have, the less energy you can channel for each of them. You would have too many things to think about, and too many things to act upon. Therefore if you want to be more successful with your manifestations, you have to reduce the number of intentions you have.

It is not about having lesser intentions in life, but it is to have lesser intentions that you would choose to focus your energy on manifesting at any one time. You could still have many intentions that you want to manifest in life, but by focusing on which ones to manifest at any one time, you allow all your intentions to manifest in divine order and divine timing. That is what it means by you can have it all. You can’t have everything at one go, but you can have everything as it falls into place in the perfect manner.

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