Self Image is Foundation of Everything in Life

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Self Image is Foundation of Everything in Life

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The self-image is the foundation of everything in life. We all always act and think in consistency with our self-image or identity. Everything you do, think and feel is based on how you see yourself. The self-image is your own conception of “The person I am.” It is built from your beliefs about yourself. Our subconscious mind does not question the validity of our self-image but proceeds to act upon it just as if it were true. The self-image creates individual reality regardless of how accurate it is.
One of the strongest forces in the human personality is the drive to preserve the integrity of our own identity. The subconscious works hard to maintain and protect the self image. It uses it as the blueprint of how to be. The self-image is the key element that determines whether your subconscious mind functions for success or failure. If someone sees themselves as being successful and happy, they will subconsciously be directed and compelled towards actions that will lead to this. Anything else would lead to subconscious discomfort and compelled to be transformed.
Your self-image defines and limits your potential. What you need to do is build your self image so that you expand from your current self imposed limitations. By expanding your self-image, you expand the limits of your talents and capabilities. Expanding your self-image expands your personal field of possibilities. If you don’t think you really deserve love, success and abundance then you usually don’t take the risks necessary to create it. And, if it falls in your lap, you often sabotage it because reality doesn’t match your internal self-image.

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