Influence Others with Your Expression and Energy

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Influence Others with Your Expression and Energy

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

The more conscious and aware we become in the ways by which we influence people, the more control and mastery we will have. One of the ways by which many of us may not be conscious of is how we influence others through the energy of our face. It goes beyond just thinking about the general facial expressions that we make, but it also involves the energy that we are sending through our face as well as the intent behind it. Our face is transmitting specific messages all the time through our intentions.

We may be familiar with reading the facial expressions of others in order to read what they are communicating about themselves to us. But there are fewer people who know the skill of transmitting information through their face on purpose. Many people think that it is simply a matter of controlling their facial expressions, but they do not know the specifics to sending messages through their face. The people who’re aware of such ability will gain a superior advantage to affecting others without saying a word.

Of all the things you wear, the most important of all is the expression on your face. That is so true because you can be dressed in the best outfit and have the best surroundings around you, but still wonder why are you not creating the response that you desire from others. The secret is in your face. Be aware of the expression on your face. You will be amazed that the behavior of people towards you can be very much directed by the expression on your face alone. This power is very magical indeed.

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