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Secure Your Future with Trust and Acceptance

Posted by Noctis Enoch         Print This Post Print This Post

You create what you concentrate upon. But if you are creating a line of probabilities and setting those probabilities into motion, it is unnecessary to be concentrating upon those probabilities or a thought pattern. It is unnecessary for you to continue to concentrate in thoughts upon what you are creating. You may be engaging a situation as you have presented; a particular job, so to speak, that you want to be engaging. Initially, you thought process and movement of energy is: “I wish to be engaging this job.”

At that point, that moment, you may move in the direction of expressing to yourself for a time framework, “I shall create this job. I shall create this job. I shall engage this job. I shall be interactive with this job. It shall be my creation. It shall actualize.” And it may not actualize, regardless that you are objectively reinforcing continuously in your thoughts to yourself a concentration upon that creation. But you may approach the very same scenario, and use a different method of intent that shall succeed better.

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